ENPC C++ Programming

Undergraduate course, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, 1A, 2017

First year main course of C++ programming


  • Class 1: introduction slides
  • Class 2: variables, loops and function slides
  • Class 3: static tables slides
  • Class 4: strutures slides
  • Class 5: multiple files slides
  • Class 6: memory slides
  • Class 7: dynamic allocation slides
  • Class 8: first objects (from structures + functions to classes) slides
  • Class 9: Constructors and destructors slides
  • Class 10: Copy constructor, operator=, STL vectors slides1 slides2


A minimal project including Imagine++ (download)

Virtual Machine

To help with the installation of C++ development tools and Imagine++ library, we provide a Virtual Machine for Virtual Box.

Here is a quick installation guide.